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At Chemco, our objective is clear: to lead the way towards environmental sustainability through innovative practices and advanced technologies. We prioritize resource efficiency, implementing cutting-edge solutions like material optimization and recycling initiatives to minimize our environmental impact across all operations. By fostering strong partnerships throughout our supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering final products, we ensure that sustainability principles are deeply ingrained. Our commitment extends beyond conventional manufacturing practices as we continuously seek opportunities to enhance operational efficiency while reducing costs. Through investment in energy-saving technologies and emission reduction measures, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. We are steadfastly dedicated to contributing to the creation of a sustainable economy and protecting the climate and environment. It is our responsibility to safeguard our planet by exploring new sustainable materials and encouraging our suppliers to do the same. Sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s our fundamental objective, guiding every action and decision we make. Join us as we pave the way towards a more sustainable future.”
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At Chemco, as a leading manufacturer of rigid packaging, our overarching goal is to promote sustainability while adhering to stringent environmental regulations. Our Sustainability Roadmap outlines our commitment to reducing carbon emissions by implementing renewable energy sources and enhancing production efficiency. We prioritize safe environmental practices, ensuring compliance with ISO 14001-certified management systems and the highest Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards.

Our methodology includes designing products for safe recycling and optimizing resource efficiency in energy, gas, fossil fuels, and water usage. Through professional recycling initiatives and collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to mitigate plastic’s environmental impact and drive towards a greener future.


At Chemco, we recognize the vital importance of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and we are deeply committed to addressing each of these pillars comprehensively.

In our pursuit of environmental sustainability, we actively incorporate practices that reduce our environmental impact. For example, we prioritize the use of PCR PET (Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) in our production processes, effectively minimizing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we continuously work to reduce absolute CO2e emissions by enhancing energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. For example, by incorporating 40% PCR PET (Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, we’ve demonstrably reduced our carbon footprint by 15%. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier planet for all.

Our dedication to social sustainability is unwavering. We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, sexual harassment, child labor, and forced labor in any form, ensuring safe and inclusive working conditions for all our employees. Moreover, we prioritize employee well-being by providing comprehensive training on sustainability-related issues and actively engaging with relevant social concerns.

Economic sustainability forms the bedrock of our strategic planning. We adopt a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing the implementation of an efficient circular economy across all aspects of our operations. This involves strategies such as ‘replace, reduce, reuse, recycle,’ alongside active participation in research and development for innovative packaging materials such as recyclable plastics and biodegradable packaging. We design our products with recyclability in mind, promote reusable models, and advocate for global recycling initiatives to create a closed-loop system.”


Embracing Sustainability

At Chemco, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We follow a holistic approach to packaging, focusing on four key principles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace.


We are unwavering in our commitment to minimizing waste throughout our product lifecycle. This translates into innovative design and production processes that prioritize resource efficiency. We continuously strive to:
  1. Optimize packaging size and shape across our product lines, ensuring efficient material usage without compromising product protection.
  2. Utilize lightweight materials whenever possible while maintaining optimal functionality.
  3. Minimize the use of unnecessary secondary packaging wherever feasible.
  4. Educate and encourage customers to choose products with minimal packaging through clear labeling and consumer awareness initiatives.


We believe in the power of a circular economy. We actively promote the multi-cycle reusability of various products, significantly reducing waste generation compared to single-use disposable options. This includes:
Menstrual cups, offered as part of our product range. Highlighting their reusability compared to disposable options emphasizes a significant reduction in waste.
In our commitment to sustainability, Chemco prioritizes reusability. We believe in extending the life of our products and materials, minimizing waste generation. Here’s how we’re making a difference:
  1. Design for Durability: We prioritize products built to last, incorporating designs that facilitate repairs and upgrades, reducing the need for replacements.
  2. Refill and Rethink Packaging: We continuously explore refill options and develop reusable packaging solutions to minimize single-use items.
  3. Partner with Refill and Take-Back Programs: We collaborate with initiatives that encourage the return and reuse of our products.
  4. Educate Consumers on Proper Maintenance: We provide clear instructions and resources to empower customers to extend the lifespan of their Chemco products.


Recycling remains a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. We prioritize designing our packaging with recyclability in mind, utilizing a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content (PCR), like in our PCR PET jars and bottles. We actively support and invest in initiatives that improve recycling infrastructure and advocate for responsible recycling practices.
Chemco recognizes the importance of responsible waste management for a sustainable future. Here’s how we’re committed to promoting recycling:
  1. Prioritizing Recyclable Materials: We actively select materials with high recyclability for our products and packaging.
  2. Partnering with Recycling Programs: We collaborate with recycling facilities to ensure our products are properly recycled at end-of-life.
  3. Clear Labeling for Recyclability: We provide clear and accurate labeling to guide consumers on proper product disposal and recycling.
  4. Investing in Recycling Technologies: We support research and development of advanced recycling technologies for a more circular economy.


Committed to sustainability, we’re always looking for better options. We want to swap out old packaging materials and methods for eco-friendly choices and smart packaging solutions.This forward-looking approach includes incorporating recycling instructions directly onto our packaging, either through printed guidance or embedded chips. By providing consumers with clear information, we empower them to make informed choices and participate in responsible waste management practices. This initiative aligns with our vision of fostering a greener, more sustainable future.
While reducing, reusing, and repurposing are key, there are times when replacement becomes necessary. Here at Chemco, we strive to make replacements as sustainable as possible:
  1. Design for Long Life and Upgradability: We prioritize products with long lifespans and designs that can be easily upgraded or repaired, extending their overall use.
  2. Sustainable Materials Selection: When replacement is needed, we choose products made from recycled content or materials with minimal environmental impact.
  3. Energy-Efficient Replacements: We promote energy-efficient replacements whenever possible, contributing to lower energy consumption throughout a product's life cycle.
  4. Responsible End-of-Life Management: We partner with responsible recycling programs to ensure proper disposal and potential reuse of materials from replaced products.


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