Sustainability at Chemco can broadly be defined into three categories which are:

1. Economic Development
2. Social Development
3. Environment Protection

Each factor is intertwined and limited by the other. Chemco realises the requirement to maintain and identify the scope of improvement in all areas in order to ensure resilience.

None of the factors can be predefined or time-bound as they have to be applicable for future generations, hence making important to understand scenarios and predict action required today rather than tomorrow.

Socioeconomic development of not only Chemco’s own units but also at a local, regional and national level is accomplished for over 3 decades. Continuous effort with various agencies and institutions, that are experts in ensuring continuity of business specialising with socioeconomics, is carried out.

Environment protection is not a choice. By being a global business, everyone understands the need and urgency to immediately make a lasting difference. Chemco invests thousands of hours improving its systems and equipment, doing away with the obsolete and old-fashioned, to make every process efficient and more importantly green.

Chemco’s customer relies on production and supplies during critical and lean periods. It promises deliveries on time - every time. Due to this spotless track record, hundreds or MNCs have made it their primary supplier and do not feel the need for alternative suppliers.